Take advantage of our interest-free in-house financing. No down payment required*. Payment plans available up to 72 months. Minimum payment starts at 128 USD(month). Terms and conditions apply*


Our team at State Restoration services were serving greater Chicago area for many years, and building on our early success we have grown from a general residential roofing company to a full size Residential and Commercial Roofing & General Construction company.

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Want to share some damage photos or areas of concern so our representatives can better assist you?

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Want to share some damage photos or areas of concern so our representatives can better assist you?

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We will do everything for you, so you do not need to call insurance and file claim by yourself

  • Investigate the claim
  • Investigate and document the loss and damage
  • Search for contribution, indemnity, or loss transfer
  • Identify opportunities to resolve claims early, avoiding indemnity creep
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We offer in house financing

  • 0% interest
  • No down payment required
  • Terms up to 15 years
  • Minimum payment starts at 99$/month
  • Senior citizens discount
  • Get Pre qualified online
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Residential & Commercial Roofing Specialists

State Restoration Services

State Restoration Services began as a Chicago-based roofing company providing full-service roofing and exterior home improvement work, and has since grown to become the state of Illinois' leading family-owned and operated construction and public adjuster firm.

Call (866) 992-2982 for competitive pricing, honest recommendations, and our satisfaction guarantee.

Based on our early success, we have grown from a small residential roofing company to a full-service residential and commercial roofing and general construction company. We are now proud to fill a void in the market by offering quality building code- compliant workmanship services such as roofing, siding...


We help home and business owners when they have damage to their buildings and property. Through professional representation, we make sure the insurance companies treat them fairly, and more importantly, pay them.



Need someone to do the work, but not sure if your uncle is a roofing expert ? Call us and get a quote from a licensed roofing/general contractor for FREE


Emergency Repair 24/7

Got a leak? Tired of calling several contractors? Need someone to fix it now?

Call us and get it done TODAY!


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Our Services

Roof Replacement

Build your roof with lifetime warranty building materials and a 5 year workmanship warranty. If your house is up to 4000 sq. ft. – we promise to finish the project in one day.

Insurance Claims

Never filed a claim with your insurance company because you’re afraid to be dropped or get a higher premium rate? It is not going to happen if you work with a licensed Public Adjuster.

Siding Installation

The best way to protect your home from severe weather conditions and lower your bills with brand new energy efficient building materials that fits any budget.


Damaged gutters could cause more damage to the house than a missing roof, and it only takes a few hours to repair it or install a new one.

Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency tarping, caulking, flashing repair, aluminum window wraps repair and more within the same weekday

Solar Panel Installation

Harness the sun's energy with our efficient solar panel installation. Lower energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Contact us today!

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State Restoration Services

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