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When a claim occurs, our clients rely on us to handle it efficiently and diplomatically. Leveraging our experience and powerful claims management software manages even the most complex of claims with expertise and consistency. This helps our clients save indemnity dollars while providing an excellent customer experience to maintain the integrity of their company brand.

As every client is different, our team develops customized claims handling instructions based on individual client circumstances and expectations. We consult with clients to create personalized and special account instructions with dedicated teams.

Contact State Adjusting Services: (630) 297-8136 or info@stateadjusting.us

State Ajusting Services State Ajusting Services help home and business owners when they have damage to their buildings and property. Through professional representation, they make sure the insurance companies treat them fairly, and more importantly, pay them. Visit WebSite
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State Adjusting Services can:

  • Investigate the claim
  • Investigate and document the loss and damage
  • Analyze any liability allegations
  • Review and update reserves, ensuring accuracy
  • Search for contribution, indemnity, or loss transfer
  • Identify opportunities to resolve claims early, avoiding indemnity creep

We provide the following services:

  • Intake of claimant calls
  • Set-up of online claim files
  • Distribution of claim application documents to claimants
  • Receive and review claim documents
  • Request additional information from claimant
  • Receive and review additional information or documents
  • Receive and review out of pocket claim documentation
  • Adjust or approve settlement amount accordingly
  • Document financial information for reporting purposes
  • Submit bordereaux report of financial data for reconciliation to Administrator
  • Receive authority to distribute payments
  • Issue payments
  • Close files and submit invoices for fees
  • Set-up of toll-free numbers and email addresses
  • Set-up of trust funds

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