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For all your roofing needs, turn to State Restoration Services. We are a locally-owned and operated Residential and Commercial Roofing & General Construction company with expertise in residential and commercial roofing. We work closely with you to ensure your roof provides the necessary insulation and shelter, but also that your roof has the exact look and design you want for your home or business. In addition to our full roofing crews we provide a complement of professional service crews to provide quality maintenance and repair services.

What are the Benefits of Asphalt Shingles?

Asphalt shingles are popular because of their many outstanding features, including:

  • Durability: State Restoration Services uses only the highest quality asphalt shingles, which will make any roof durable enough to withstand water, fire, and all weather in between. While asphalt shingles do offer a lengthy expected life service, we’ll also be just a call away should they need maintenance or repair.
  • Versatility: Asphalt shingles can do it all. They are available in every color, style, thickness, and texture imaginable. The material is flexible enough to fit the rooves of most any commercial or residential building, and with the expertise of State Restoration Services, installation is incredibly easy.
  • Affordability: Because asphalt shingles can last for decades and require less maintenance than many other roofing materials, they are cost-efficient in every way. Whether installing, repairing, or removing your asphalt shingles, you won’t break the bank.

What Types of Asphalt Shingles are Available?

The most common categories of asphalt shingles include:

  • Luxury Shingles: These shingles utilize lamination to offer a wide variety of design options. Luxury shingles are often used to replicate more classic shingles with a rustic appeal.
  • Strip Shingles: The most common type of roofing material available, strip shingles are best known for their “slate” color. Their lightweight quality makes them look flat and sleek on most any roof.
  • Dimensional Shingles: Offering a modern look, dimensional shingles are quickly growing in popularity. When installed, the shingles give rooves a thicker, more robust look (hence the name, “dimensional”).

Choose Quality Shingles and Quality Service

The benefits of asphalt shingles cannot be overstated, which is why so many State Restoration Services' happy customers choose the material for their roofing needs. However large or small the job, our helpful professionals are ready to get to work. If you’re considering a new roof or are needing repairs, contact State Restoration Services today for a FREE estimate. We’re eager to partner with you and make sure that the roof over your head is hassle-free.

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