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  • Take advantage of our interest free in - house financing. No down payment required*. Payment plans available up to 72 months. Minimum payment starts at 128 USD(month). Terms and conditions apply*

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    State Restoration Services is committed to integrity, excellent service and the highest possible quality of workmanship

    We like to make our process as easy as possible for our customers. Know just exactly what to expect from any project, with our step-by-step guide.

    Step 1: Initial Inspection Process

  • Interior Inspection
  • Exterior: Roofing Inspection
  • Exterior: Gutter Inspection
  • Step 2: Payments Process

    (down payment, final payment)

    Step 3: Building Permit

    Building permits are issued on the local level in Illinois and therefore when you need a permit will depend on your city's local regulations. Generally all projects that involve construction will require a building permit, while finishing work such as painting, wallpapering, and tiling do not.

    Step 4: Job Scheduling Process

    (weather and materials availability)

    Step 5: Materials Delivery

    Step 6: Debris Removal

    (dumpster delivery)

    Step 7: Job Day(am i requred to be home?)

    Step 8: Cleanup

    Step 9: Final Inspection

    (building departments)

    Step 10: Asking for Testimonials

    (get 50$ gift card if you record a review for us)

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