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State Restoration Services – Fully Licensed & Insured Roofing

When you’ve been in business as long as we have, you come to appreciate the ways insurance and licensing protect the public and other firms from unscrupulous and underhanded scammers and rip-off artists. That’s not to say that those aren’t still an issue in Chicagoland, but they’re far less prevalent than they were when we started as roofers way back in the old days. Today, thankfully, city and state governments have far more control over contractors than in previous eras, so you can feel pretty secure about contacting a professional. But, and we advise all our clients to take this route, why not ask for their credentials to be sure you know who you’re trusting with your family and your home. It’s better to be safe than anything else, right?

What Does Licensing Mean in Illinois?

In Illinois, every contractor who wants to legally do work inside the state needs to apply for a contractor’s license. For a roofing company, that’s a specific license, so you shouldn’t ever find roofers doing plumbing work or vice-versa – though if they’ve got the licenses it’s hard to argue. In a very real way, licenses are a convenient way for the city and state to keep tabs on who’s doing work within their borders. That way, should something unfortunate occur, it’s clear where the fault lies from the permits and licensing on file. Oh, and it’s also a way for the state to get revenue for the official government coffers. We all have to pay our way, so when a company skips out on it, we all suffer.

Licensed Public Adjuster

Our Partner State Adjusting Services help home and business owners when they have damage to their buildings and property. Through professional representation, they make sure the insurance companies treat them fairly, and more importantly, pay them.

Our Licenses

License License
Aurora Contractor Registration and Permit Contractor Registration Evergreen Park Contractors Registration Lincolnwood Du Page Contractor Registration GC Contractor License 2021 Hickory Hills Contractor Registration Lombard Contractor Registration PA License Volodymyr Lukaniuk(in-house adjuster) PA License Anzhelika Cheipesh PA License State Adjusting Services State Restoration Services Roofing License Village of Bridgeview Contractor Registration

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