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  • We offer in house financing, 0% interest, no down payment required, terms from 1 to 35 years. Minimum payments start at 99$ per month. Senior citizens discount.

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      • There are 8 Factors That Will Determine the Price of Replacing a Roof

        ⦁ Size of the roof: The material & labour cost to install a new roof on a small roof vs. a larger roof will differ.
        ⦁ Roof slope or pitch: Roofs that are steeper requires more time to install and also more material.
        ⦁ Type of application: Low slope vs steep slope systems require different roofing applications.
        ⦁ Material choice: Prices vary depending on the roofing material and its quality.
        ⦁ Number of layers: If your current roof has multiple layers of roof shingles, this will require additional time to account for the removal of the existing layers.
        ⦁ Roof Adornments (wall flashings, chimney flashings, skylights, plumbing stacks, etc.): These may require extra work if leaks and/or flashing repairs/replacements needs to be addressed.
        ⦁ Roof accessibility: Roofs that are difficult to access will require additional equipment and labor.
        ⦁ Roofing system components: Components of a good roof system includes the underlayment and decking materials, ventilation and insulation installed and types of fasteners used.

      • State Restoration Services employees are seasoned professionals that work year around and adhere to stringent safety policies. We carry a Liability Insurance policy to ensure that you, the consumer, are protected should any accident occur. Also every employee is covered with workers compensation to protect our workers and you the homeowner in such an incident.

        If you hire a company or individual to replace your roof without such insurance you are taking a high risk, and you and your insurance company are liable if an accident occurs.

      • Ventilation is a crucial factor in the life of your roof. Heat building up in the summer months as well as cold weather of winter will accelerate the aging process of your shingles. Proper air circulation, regardless of outside temperatures, will greatly reduce the chances of leaking, curling, blistering, rotting of the roof deck, wet insulation and many other potential issues.

      • This question has no right answer. When installed correctly, all of the flat roofing systems State Restoration Services offer work as advertised. The best answer is whatever system your particular structure and budget allow. Our knowledgeable technicians will go over all of the available options with you during our initial consultation, and give you a recommendation based off of our expertise, your needs, and your budget.

      • Again, this is a question whose answer is completely dependent upon the structure and the materials. Depending upon these factors, a flat roof is comparable to a traditional roof in many ways. Oftentimes, they are actually cheaper than their pitched-roof relatives. Our staff will gladly go over the estimated costs for your project during our consultation phase.Here are a few factors that come into flat roof pricing:

        ○ Roofing Type – full removal, replacement, or re-roofing.
        ○ Amount of penetrations and walls.
        ○ Years of warranty
        ○ Life expectancy.

      • Absolutely, yes. The roofing industry defines standing water as any moisture remaining on a roof 24-48 hours after precipitation has stopped. When water persists after this amount of time has elapsed, it can permanently destroy the roofing material and effectively void your warranty. The addition of drains and tapered insulation in trouble areas can help to minimize this type of problem

      • This answer is dependent upon the specific product, its manufacturer, and its warranty. In many states, manufacturers will require proof that the owner has maintained a regimen of cleaning and maintenance for the lifetime of the roofing, or at least as long as the warranty specifies in writing. Problems with materials need to be reported to the manufacturer within 60 days to ensure they honor the warranty.

      • When working with a firm like State Restoration Services, with an excellent reputation and many years in the industry, you may not need to worry about a lien waiver. Yet, we understand the laws and why a customer may feel more protected with a lien waiver in place. It basically serves as a guarantee that all of the materials and labor for your project have been paid for, and you cannot be held accountable for these costs should your contracting firm neglect them – for whatever reason. A lien waiver in the full amount of the costs for labor and materials is all the protection, from a legal standpoint, a client needs.

      • State Restoration Services recommends that all clients in the market for a new roof installation ask for a pre-construction meeting. This meeting will allow for the implementation of a communication “chain of command” which will guarantee that everything done on your property is clearly explained and notification given in a timely manner for all things related to the work being completed. It will also give you a chance to discuss and agree on other important factors like where equipment is placed, when work will begin, who will be leading the crews, and when the work is expected to be finished.

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